Congoleum Duraceramic

If you are in the process of remodeling your home and finding the perfect kitchen tile then listen up. Most smart buyers will take a look at their available options prior to making their purchase. Assuming you did the proper amount of research you would have had come across congoleum DuraCeramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles have been the most popular set of tiles for home flooring redesign, in fact their popularity hasn’t decreased at all over the past 10 years. The range of colors and their durability have been why they have become so popular, which allows you to complement any look or interior design that you are aiming to achieve. Ceramic tiles are also some of the easiest tiles to install, as well as the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Duraceramic tiles are often regarded as the Ferrari of ceramic tile alternatives, with due reason of course.

Congoleum duraceramic tiles are a mixture of laminate flooring and ceramic tiling. Produced in the most popular 16 square inch design with the possibility of being cut in half to 8 sq. inch. They are created in literally hundreds of different colors and patterns.

Theres a good reason why Duraceramic tiles have begun to become so popular. It’s great that the tiles are not ceramic, they are much more warming and comfortable when comparing them to ceramic tiles. They let you have some give and flex, which are fantastic for floors that have problem with consistency as they give and aren’t the consistency of the ceramic flooring. They are incredibly easy to install, they are very easy to install because of the way they are designed. They even allow for the joints to be grouted to give that ceramic tile look and appearance.

Duraceramic tiles were designed with wear and tear in mind. You won’t have to worry about chipping or breaking your tiles because the Duraceramic tiles were created with longevity in mind. Duraceramic is so confident of their tiles that they rpovide a lifetime warranty. Ceramic tiles are prone to break, chip, and are not as easy to maintain.

If you want to install grout with the Duraceramic style tiles then don’t worry you can install them as well. The options for install are endless, if you want to install them without grout you can. Duraceramic tiles allow you to achieve the same look and feel of ceramic tiles, you’ll receive a longer lasting tile and a lifetime warranty which you can’t achieve with ceramic tiles. You will be able to choose from any style or pattern you can even think of, repair is a cinch and you can get your tiles repaired by its lifetime warranty.