Duraceramic Flooring

Are you looking to find the best tile for your home redesign. Smart consumers will take a look at all the aspects and investigate many different solutions. If you’ve done your research properly you’ll take a look at DuraCeramic flooring tiles.

Typically ceramic tiles have been the most popular solution, they’ve been the standard tiling solution for most for the past decade. Ceramic tiles are popular because of their toughness and variety of available colors, which allows you to complement any look or interior design that you are aiming to achieve. Ceramic tiles are also some of the easiest tiles to install, as well as the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Introducing Duraceramic tiles, these tiles are known as the Bentleys in the tiling industry.

DuraCeramic tiles are a cross between a laminate flooring and a ceramic tile. Produced in the most popular 16 square inch design with the possibility of being cut in half to 8 sq. inch. Duraceramic tiles come in literally hundreds or thousands of styles of designs.

There are many advantages in purchasing Duraceramic flooring tiles that make them one of the most popular tiles for kitchen and home remodeling. Because the tiles are not ceramic, they are much more warming and comfortable when comparing them to ceramic tiles. They let you have some give and flex, which is why they are so much more comfortable to walk on when compared to ceramic tiles. Not to mention the ease of the install, due to their flexibility they can be laid to nearly any type of flooring. If you are hesitant because you think these tiles can’t be grouted, think again, Duraceramic tiles are able to be grouted giving that elegant appearance.

Duraceramic tiles were created with longevity in mind. By utilizing synthetic materials Duraceramic tiles won’t crack or break if you drop a pan or plate on the tile. Not to mention that Duraceramic tiles have a lifetime warranty against fade, stain, and wear and tear. Ceramic tiles definitely don’t have any type of warranty against such damage.

If you want to install grout with the Duraceramic style tiles then don’t worry you can install them as well. If you’d like to install them without you can as well. Duraceramic tiles allow you to have the flexibility of natural tiles, while lasting longer and providing a better look and feel in comparison to ceramic tiles. You can choose from a significant amount of styles and colors, replacement of the tiles are simple and the actual tiles are covered in the lifetime warranty.